New Generation games
is gathering
in Akihabara on March 2019!!

The game conference of block chain and new generation games will be held in Akihabara by “NEO” the Nonprofit organization which provide the main blockchain platform in China.
Exhibition of new generation games, the panel discussion and an ideathon for collaboration between game and blockchain system, demo game play and the live broadcast etc…
Please enjoy our new contents with a performance by variety of public figures from different industries.


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※Event information will be updated regularly.


「New Generation Games Panel Discussion」

Don't miss out on panel discussion with a number of public figures from game and content industries.

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Be Creative for the future!”TSUKURIBA”
~Next Generation Games Special~

“TSUKURIBA” - the creative TV program (making music, games, books etc.,) which had been on air up to 2014 on TV Tokyo, will be back on track for the third time on the Web Channel!This time, we will livestream the actual stage of NEO GAME CONFERENCE !

The Cast

百花繚乱 石田晴香 桃知みなみ ドグマ風見 岸田メル コットン太郎 9nine 響木アオ

Special Event

Discovering New Generation Game Ideas

A blockchain Game Ideathon will be shown on “Tsukuriba” livestreaming. Join the ideathon and win your prize!

What’s “Game Ideathon”?

It is a presentation contest for discovering next generation game ideas based on the assigned theme.

Assigned Theme

New generation game that makes best use of blockchain


500,000 Yen

How to apply

-Follow the Twitter (@NEO_CONFERENCE
-Tweet your passion with #NEOGAMEアイデアソン
-Application Period: 2/13~3/1

The Flow of Ideathon

2/13Application starts
Receiving applies on official event twitter(@NEO_CONFERENCE)
3/1Application due
3/2-3DM from Official twitter
We will carefully consider all the entry tweets, and five of the applicants will be invited to semi-final presentation.
*Even though you are not chosen, you will still have chance to jump into the presentation on 3/9 in event(Only limited for five people or groups).
3/9Bellesalle Akihabara Main Stage WEB TV Tsukuriba will broadcast the semi-final presentation. (5 chosen groups chosen from Twitter+ Jump in five groups) Each group may have two minutes for presentation(Any style can be possible: Powerpoint, free talk etc..).
4 groups will be chosen during the live stream, and they will be attending the final presentation on next day.
3/10Bellesalle Akihabara Main Stage WEB TV Tsukuriba will broadcast the final presentation. Each group may have ten minutes for presentation(Any style can be possible: Powerpoint, free talk etc..). 1 group will be chosen for the first place during the live stream, and they will receive the prize.


Come up with revolutional ideas for new generation games by using the features of blockchain.

1, Imposible to falsify

2, Decentralized structure
→Game that creates virtual world with people from all over the world.

3, Uniqueness of digital contents
→Game of creating one and only digital car of your own and let it join the race.
→Crypto Fast

Participation Award

If you apply and visit the event, you will get “Tsukuriba Orifginal Special Goods”!
*DM from the official administration will be required.


「9nine the eSports Queen of Next Generation!?
~Talk show& Game play~」

Japanese idol group 9nine who performs around internationally came to the stage to have special live performance, game demonstration and talk show about eSports!

The Cast


and more...


~Part 1: New generation games and game music ~

Talk show by sound creator Hiroto Sasaki the leader of Japanese game music industry, and Emi Hirayama the voice actress from「THE IDOLM@STER」series which is produced by Hiroto Sasaki.
Inviting Music producer Shouta Kaizukuka from Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd and will discuss about game music and anime song. (There will be special live performance by Hirayama Emi& Hiroto Sasaki.)

The Cast

佐々木宏人 平山笑美 貝塚翔太朗

and more...


New Generation International Game
~Find the New Generation voice actor! Yoyogi Animation Academy presents Voice actor Auditioning Battle~

Students from Yoyogi Animation Academy will have audition for NEO SPECIAL GAME AWARD. They will aim for becoming international voice actor for the next generation with the advices given from Senpai-Voice actress Rika Matsumoto.

The Cast

松本梨香 高野麻里佳

and more...


NEWS! The top creator of Japanese game industry make a ride on world!
~Blockchain game “JobTribes” will be released~

Japanese top game creators will gather to challenge against world! The information of Blockchain game “JobTribes” will be released!
More than 350,000 total circulated book, ”Japanese Salary&Job Dictionary” becomes a game collaborated with Shin Kibayashi who’s popular with The NEW KINDAICHI FILES series.

Talk Session Cast

Dramatically create the world of game

樹林 伸

Author of ”Japanese Salary&Job Dictionary”

山田 コンペー

Comeback to game industry after 22 years absence

吉田 直人



11:30 - 12:00Opening Ceremony /NEO Game Demonstration
12:00 - 12:509nine the eSports Queen of Next Generation!?~Talk show& Game play~
13:00 - 13:50”TSUKURIBA”~Part 1: New generation games and game music ~
14:00 - 14:50DAY1 Game Panel Discussion
15:00 - 18:00Be Creative for the future!”TSUKURIBA”~Next Generation Games Special~
18:00 - 18:15Closing Ceremony


11:30 - 12:20DAY2 New Generation International Game ~Find the New Generation voice actor!
Yoyogi Animation Academy presents Voice actor Auditioning Battle~
12:20 - 12:50Opening Ceremony/ NEO Game Demonstration
13:00 - 13:50DAY 2 Game Panel Discussion
14:00 - 17:00Be Creative for the future!”TSUKURIBA”~Next Generation Games Special~
17:00 - 17:30New Game【JobTribes】Press Presentation
17:30 - 17:45”TSUKURIBA”Ideathon Award Ceremony
17:45 - 18:00Closing Ceremony

Please understand that schedule may vary depending on the situation.


Bellesalle Akihabara 2F HALL Sumitomo Fudo-san, Akihabara Building,3-12-8 Soto-Kanda Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo


Name of the eventNEO GAME CONFERENCE
DateMarch 9th(Sat), 10th(Sun) 2019
Open-The event starts at 11:30(* The door will be open at 11:00)
LocationBellesalle Akihabara 2F HALL
SponserdNEO (


  • Keep your belongings with you at all times and do not leave any items unattended. There will be no locker room or cloak in the hall.
  • There is no parking lot belongs to our hall, please use public transportation to get to the location.
  • We are not responsible for lost or stolen valuables, accidents, troubles happened during the event.
  • Please do not stay over night or wait from early morning in front of the building for the event.
  • All the pictures, videos, and recordings are restricted only for personal use.
  • We ask for you understanding and cooperation that there will be media interviewing and boradcasting of the event which might be uploaded on our official website or video streaming service.
  • Bringing dangerous materials are strictly prohibited.
  • Please follow the instruction by attendants in anytime otherwise you will be asked to leave from the hall.
  • We might cancel our whole program due to natural disasters and any unexpected troubles. However, we will not be responsible for the compensation of fees such as transport expenses and accommodation occurred for your visit for the event.
  • We consider every visitors as those who agreed for all the agreement above.